Anthony Cathirell’s Sporting News; Shaq Cracks on Spurs for “Hack-A-Shaq”

Original Article

Even for the biggest ?oops junkie? pre-season NBA is pretty tedious. The stars get a few minutes, and a sweat and then spend the rest of the game ?ummified?in towels and warm-ups ?eeking?on no-namers trying to make a play and make the team. It? all pretty tame. And, meaningless!

Unless, of course, ?mateur night open mic rapper?and the self-glossed ?an of steel?opens his trap and starts dishing threats. Which, he did!

Shaq O?eal apparently spent his off-season grudging on San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich for ?ack-a-shacking?him to an easy first round win in the playoffs: ?when you?e down, I can see using that as a strategy. But when you?e up 10, 15 points, there? really no need for that. That? a coward move. And he knows that. I?l make ?m pay for that.? If by coward move, you mean, a sound basketball move, I? agree?Pop?is a coward. Wrong again, ?ig Dog?

Telling them not to hack you up is like telling them not to accept a free defensive stop. It would be like declining a travelling call. Not fouling, means putting the ball in the hands of Amare Stoudemire or Steve Nash. Or, someone who can actually do something with it!

There was a time when you promising to make someone pay really did scare whoever you were targeting. And that time was the late ?0?. When you could, you know?ove! Run! Jump! Do anything other than just get in the way on defense. But, you?e going to make the Spurs pay for their cowardice? How?! They knocked you out in the first round!

You?e not better, just older. Or, to put it in words you can understand?Can You Dig It!?


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