Q & A with Mayor-elect Kevin Johnson

Original Article

Kevin Johnson is one day away from officially taking office and the challenges he’ll face as the Mayor of Sacramento dwarf any on-court maneuverings he performed as an All-Star point guard with the Phoenix Suns. With unemployment at a 10-year high, the city’s crime rate reaching record numbers and the school system in need of a reset, Johnson is running full speed ahead in tackling the city’s critically important issues. It’s also no surprise that one of the NBA’s premier assist men is asking the citizens to lend a hand in volunteerism and philanthropy. Emphasizing public service, those attending Johnson’s public swearing-in ceremony last Tuesday at Memorial Auditorium were required to either sign up and volunteer or donate to the Sacramento Food Bank. The native Sacramentean spoke to NBA.com’s John Hareas just days before he is to take oath at the City Council meeting and discussed a number of topics including his vision for the city, which former NBA players were instrumental in his campaign and why his friend, President Elect Barack Obama, would be wise not to challenge him in a game of one on one.


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