Lettin’ it all hang out

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Have you ever thought about black superheroes?  No?  Well, why the hell not?  Black superheroes are seriously baller, yall.  I didn’t know this until recently when my very bestest friend brought the knowledge down on me like justice.  It seems he’s always bringing comic book knowledge down on me, though– like the glorious Hawkman.  He has mad knowledge about a whole world that’s never coincided with mine in any real way, and he uses it for good (humorous effect and social crit) rather than evil (scaring girls out of comics shops).

(My language is all screwed today, I’m sorry.  I’ve just finished reading about 300 pages on socialism and the labor movement and everything’s about justice and solidarity, and it’s all glorious.  Though when is it not?)

Anyway, enough about how awesome my friends are.  Now you too can have the knowledge about black superheroes brought down on you!  He’s taken it to the masses!

Steel [moved] back to his hometown of Washington, DC, where he initially went toe-to-toe with his former employers at the defense contractor AmerTek who were funneling guns designed by Irons back in the day on to the streets and into the hands of gang members. The early days of the comic were particularly refreshing because they featured an African American superhero taking on a real world evil (i.e., the military-industrial complex). These early days of the comic went on to be the source material for a fun, if poorly performing and ill conceived 1997 movie starring Shaquille O’Neil.

Can we just take a look at Shaq in that movie?

Ohhhh hell yes.  (Bonus “lol communism” picture: here.)


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