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listening to: maroon 5 – infatuation

  • freak man, it’s amazing how one person can totally captivate you yet have no idea.
  • they can make you float one second and then completely sink you the next

i’ve decided that infatuation is the worst thing that can happen to someone.  the feelings aren’t potent enough to say anything to that person yet it’s enough to totally mess up your thought process…

” …miss you more then Shaq miss free-throws,”

-t.Mccoy from Gym Class Heroes in “Catch me if you can”

amazingly, the simple act of writing this out, i have distracted myself from her for couple minutes.

  • if i said anything to her at this point, i wouldn’t know how to act upon it.
  • there are certain things she does-particularly how she interacts with guys that i don’t like
  • my pride is keeping me from taking that leap of faith in letting her know how i feel

i’m not sure what to do, but i do know what i’m not gonna do and that is act irrationally and based on my emotions.  be steady-minded benson, it’s worth it.



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