why shaq is hilarious and awesome.

i was never a massive shaquille o’neal fan. i have to admit. but the twitter feed and its results have been downright epic and hilarious.so my friend swifty has a birthday today.so his friend tweets at shaq.SO SHAQ CALLS MY FRIEND SWIFTY TO WISH HIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY?i listened to the mp3 of the voicemail. it is bizarre and pretty epic. and it … SOUNDS like shaq. could shaq really be this internerd awesome!?oh shaquille o’neal. i thought your comedy awesomeness ended with kazaam. apparently it KNOWS NO BOUNDS. he gets my respect for that. and the fact that he has possibly made swifty have the most hilarious birthday ever.also. swifty inadvertently hung up on shaq.shaq only calls twice.


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