Line up to get back on the SPURS bandwagon

Old? Like Methuselah. Tired? Like an old man ready for bed at 4 PM. Injured? Like it’s going out of style. But somewhere along the way the Spurs still figured out how to win, to stick around.500 and beat a few playoff teams along the way. In addition, a few of the early losses were by 3-5 points or less and could have easily been victories. With Manu possibly coming back early, Tony only a few weeks away and Roger Mason playing out of his mind, the Spurs are looking good to the fans and scary to the rest of the West. Everyone wants to continue to kiss Shaq’s backside, but we all know it’s an early in the season mirage. Come March, April and so on, all you’re going to see is Shaq on the bench nursing a sore toe and finishing off a Big Mac while the Spurs go on to eliminate the Suns once again. Amare is still all hype and no substance. Kobe is playing well with Gasol, and the Hornets are going to be formidable again, but don’t count out the 4 time champs doing it again in an odd numbered year.


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