Kobe vs Shaq Failed Again to Deliver

Kobe Vs. Shaq! Part 6! I mean — Part VI!!!! Roman numerals!!!!Remember when this was supposed to be the match-up of the next five years? Remember when Shaquille was going to exact revenge on Kobe for getting him kicked out of Hollywood? Remember when Kobe was going to prove every time they faced off that he was the reason they won those titles? After the first Christmas Day game, we thought that we had something special. After Andrew Bynum unexpectedly stood up to Shaq, we thought we might have something epic. And now after a year and a half of both teams no longer having animosity towards each other, it just doesn’t have the same luster that it used to. On the scale of epic battles it ranges somewhere between LAPD vs. OJ (high end) and Zack Morris vs. A.C. Slater at the Sock Hop (low end, but equally as entertaining).


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