Stuckey O.K. after Shaq’s hard foul

Shaq if you are going to foul a Piston and hurt him, it’s going to take more than what you dished out against PG Rodney Stuckey on Sunay night.

Rodney Stuckey, the second year man out of Eastern Washington, was apart of a flagrant two foul that involved Shaq getting ejected during Sundays game against the Suns.

Fortunatly for Shaq the Pistons players shrugged it off, even Stuckey.  Here is what Kwame Brown had to say about it after the game:

“I think [Shaq] had his arms up, although Stuckey went down hard, that’s because he ran into Shaq,” Brown adds. “We checked on him, made sure he’s ok. Stuckey’s not at all hurt, he’s a tough guy, but those are the kind of fouls that you’re taught, as a big man, to take. Unfortunately, it happened to my teammate, but I don’t think [Shaq] did it in a malicious way.”

There was no hard feelings between the two teams for the rest of the meeting, well none that were shown on the court.  Stuckey is a tough kid, he can take it.  That is what makes the Pistons the Pistons who they are, toughness, and Stuckey has plenty which was shown through the hit he took from Shaq, malicious or not.


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