News/Injury Updates

I’ll save you the time and just bullet point them here:

-Tracy McGrady left last night’s game against the Thunder in the first minute of the second half with left knee problems which was operated on last summer to remove some debris.  McGrady is already dealing with a shoulder and ailing back problems that could flair up at anytime and they’re saying this sent him back to ’square one’.  He is going to put off shoulder surgery till the end of the season.

-Golden State’s leading scorer Stephen Jackson just signed a 3 year contract extension with the Warriors last Monday.

-Both Kevin Garnett (Celtics) and Shaq O’Neal (Suns) were dealt blows.  KG was suspended a game for hitting Andrew Bogut (Bucks) in the face in their last game.  And Shaq was fined 25K for ‘verbally abusing an official’ and not leaving the court quick enough when he was ejected from their game with Detroit. 

-And Dwyane Wade sat out practice with a sprained right ankle he sustained in their previous game against the Raptors.  He’s considered a game time decision tonight altho he already commented that it’s not that serious and he should be back rather quickly.


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