NBA Rumors: Shaq Back in L.A.? Vince Carter to Cleveland?

Shaq “The Diesel” O’Neal wants to be back with Kobe? Yes folks, Shaq said that once his contract is up in 1210 that a return to the Lakers is possible. If you think that they do not like each other, and could not get along, Shaq said Phil Jackson is to blame for conflicts between him and Kobe.

Shaq said ” Now that i look back on it, That stuff was kinda fun. We will always be remembered as Lakers’ best 1-2 punch”

But a Sacramento paper reports that Shaq is also looking to the Kings, because if Shaq goes to the Lakers he would not start, and be a back-up to Andrew Bynum. Shaq is not looking for a back-up job, he wants a starting job.

Shaq was fined $20K for the same thing Keynon Martin was (”verbal abuse of an official and failure to leave the court in a timely manner”) On a hard foul on Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey.

The Cleveland Caveliers are going out for Vince Carter. Now, you know that this would entail LeBron possibly going to the New Jersey Nets (soon to be Brooklyin Nets), but the  Cavs are will get Vincanity (Vince Carter). Will this help out Cleveland? Yes. Vince Carter would be a great pick-up and and help out Cleveland so much, but losing James is worse.  The Caveliers would be the loser of this trade.


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