Nash, Alston, Barnes all suspended for Wednesday’s Brawl

This just in: The NBA has suspended Matt Barnes and Rafer Alston for two games each for their roles in a confrontation in Wednesday night’s game. Steve Nash was also suspended for one game. Tracy McGrady was fined $25K and Shaquille O’Neal was fined $35K.The fight happened late in the third quarter, when Barnes reacted to a Rafer Alston screen by throwing an elbow. Alston took acception and got in Barnes’ face. The shoving started. Nash ran in, McGrady pushed him down and Shaq jumped in pushing everybody. The Refs handed out 7 technicals. Alston and Barnes were ejected from the game. The Rockets went on to win.The penalties are about what I suspected. I’m a little bit surprised Nash was suspended, but he did escalate the problem.Go here to see video of the fight…


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