Phoenix defense?

There was a time in the not so distant past that you would never, ever see these two words appear together in a sentence…ever.  Well that was then and this is now.  With new coach Terry Porter, the new Phoenix Suns seem to be starting to emerge early in the season.  This is no marketing campaign or a public relations facade, what we are seeing from the Suns is real, real defense that is!  After giving up 107 points a game last year in pushing the failed strategy of making every game an offensive horse race and simply trying to feverishly outscore everyone they played, the Suns are buckling down on the defense side of the ball.  The Suns are giving up just 97 points a game thsu far and have allowed only one team to score over a 100, which is their only loss at this point.  The season is very, very young and by no means does the 4-1 record mean that the Suns have etched or earned themselves a new team identity.  What it does mean is that new coach Terry Porter, backed by the heavily invested Steve Kerr, are having early success with their new philosophy and new direction of the team.  The early results are in and the indications are very good that Phoenix may very well be able to finally turn the corner on their championship hopes.


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