Chris Paul has Recieved Co-MVP In my eyes

New Orleans Hornets The New Orleans Hornets are deserving of some praise right now. They are really playing with the heart of champions right now. I don’t know of city more deserving of something good happening to them right now. Hurricane Katrina was something devastating to the city. Sports I believe bring whole cities together. Now even if you are not a basketball fan this something in this article for you. When season started for the 2007-2008 season started nobody even had New Orleans Hornets even making the playoffs. A few people had them seeding at the very last spot in the conference. In western conference it is filled with all star household names. You have everyone from Kobe Bryant, Tracy Mcgrady, Steve Nash, Shaq, Dirk, Yao Ming, Tim Duncan, Jason Kidd, the list goes on. At the start of the season the Hornets had not one player that had all star game under their belt. Now I a Chicago fan had nothing to cheer about all year long. The only thing was good about the season was going to see my favorite player Jesus Shuttlesworth whoop on the bulls at united center. Now back to Hornets, they have a Leader and that is established and his name is Chris Paul, then have role players that all have very important roles from Tyson Chandler ” I miss you in the chi” David West, Peja, pargo. Paul leads the charge and makes everyone better; there is no question right now that CP3 is best point in the league. The reason the hornets work so well is due to their ability to know their rolls, and their General Byron Scott “congrats on coach of the year”. People doubted them at the start of the season, people doubted them at the start of the playoffs, and people doubted them at start of the San Antonio series, now they have band wagon jumpers on board. No matter how they end this playoff run I will call them most successful team of 2008. Reasons why Coach of the YearCP3 established as the best PG in the league, and well deserving of max contract this summer CP3 took David West, and Tyson Chandlers game and Elevated themDavid West and Chris Paul made all Star Team They finished second in the Western Conference They knocked out Dallas Mavericks They are going to knock out Spurs mark my words They are team that have great group of guys who stay of trouble of the courtThey got a whole city behind them, and some They play with heart and passion every nightThey are achieving a level of success that I don’t even think they knew they could at the start of the season People would not of argued if CP3 got CO-MVPLAST but not Least They PLAY as a TEAMJubril Agoro


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