91 is a multiple of 7?


Yeah, you read that right. 91-0 in a high school football game.

I asked Shaq for a comment but this is all I got.


How does one team dominate another this bad? Maybe the coach had a personal vendetta against the other team and left his starters in the whole time.


According to the article above, Coach Bill Kramer of Naples didn’t play many of his star players. In fact they just sat on the bench while the 3rd stringers embarrassed their opponents from Estero.  What is this team doing playing another so obviously inferior? Shouldn’t the Estero team be moved to a lesser competitive conference? This team from Naples has players going on to play Division I football. They had no business taking the field with the Estero team.

A tip of my hat to the Estero team for not completely quitting. It would have been easy for head coach Rich Dombroski to just throw in the towel and quit when it was 70-0 at half. It had to be hard for those kids but they stuck it out and didn’t quit. The Naples coach should be commended for trying to do the right thing and benching his starters. He didn’t intentionally run up the score, it just kind of happened. He didn’t have his stars out there running circles around the other team.

If you didn’t read the whole article there’s a part talking about the reaction from the parents. Some parents were not happy that their kids didn’t play that much and wondered why he didn’t put them in the in an effort to pad their stats. Really? What kind of parent are you? Teaching your kids to beat up on another team they are definitely better than just to pad your stats?

I know John…I know…

Lets review

1. Florida High school football is out of control

2. Estero Wildcats don’t quit

3. John McCain doesn’t like football parents

4. I had no idea 91 was a multiple of 7


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