1990’s All Team First Rounder, Eastern Conference

Round 1:1) Bulls vs. 8) CavsHah. Even in fantasy all-time make believe games, MJ screws the Cavs. This one isn’t even close, Bulls in 4.2) Knicks vs. 7) CelticsThe Celtics players are old, but still put together a solid series. Reggie Lewis and Allan Houston cancel each other out, Oakley and McHale struggle bitterly in the middle, and Mark Jackson runs circles around Dee Brown. Bird dominates the first game to draw the win on the road, but injures his back halfway through the second and is out for the series. Going back to Boston 1-1, the young combo of Pierce and Walker get hot in Game 3 and put the Celtics up 2-1. Then Ewing takes over. Parrish held up adequately for three games, but from this point forward Ewing averages 35, 15 and 3 as the series swings 3-2 in the Knicks favor. Depleted and without their leader, the Celtics lose game 6 and fade away. Knicks in 6.3) Heat vs. 6) PacersEpic matchup. Miami looks to be the favorite based on the front court, but they get beaten up pretty badly early in the series. They head to Indiana for game 3 tied 1-1. P.J. Brown is employed as the heavy-handed response to the Davis brothers and McKey, and he sends Antonio to the locker room for seven stitches in the second quarter of game 3. Both benches clear, and Jeff Van Gundy appears out of nowhere to attach himself to Mourning’s leg. When the dust settles the Heat have more players left than the Pacers, and pull off the win. Heading into game 4, Miami is missing P.J. for two games for starting the fight, and several of their reserves for leaving the bench (Leonard, Majerle and Owens). indiana is missing McKey and both Davis’ for one game. The Heat take advantage, pounding the ball at Rik Smits, now flying solo at the defensive post. Miami wins game 4. In game 5, Reggie goes Reggie. 45 points, 21 of it in the 4th quarter, ten three-pointers in all, and the series goes back to Indiana. Momentum is on their side, and the game turns into a outside shooting duel. A duel that Indiana wins, at least in game 6. Game 7, Hardaway and Mourning come out with a vengeance, leading by 25 at half and never looking back. Spike Lee is spotted courtside making the choke jesture at Miller. At the end of game 7, Reggie walks over calmly and actually chokes out Lee. Heat in 7.4) Magic vs. 5) PistonsPenny and Grant Hill cancel each other out, and Shaq does the rest. Magic in 4.


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