For the vertically blessed…

Hello all– it’s the tall girl speaking. Don’t want to make you all feel bad about being vertically challenged but it appears that I have reason to celebrate today. A new Gallup poll reports that taller people are happier on average than shorter people, with each extra inch in height giving as much satisfaction as a four percent increase in income. Do you think it’s because we can see better at the movies? Nah.

Speaking of tall- 3Fold got to hang out with Shaq last week when he was rolling through town for St. HOPE’s annual fundraising dinner. By “hang out” I mean that I helped run his press conference, and Brad looked busy while trying not to gawk and stare. He did a really good job acting cool, and even snuck a picture of Shaq after the conference was over. Quite a bit of media turned out to hear him and Kevin Johnson speak about St. HOPE, education, and basketball. Our favorite quote? When he promised Kevin that he’d split his NBA Finals ring, if Kevin shares his future title as Mayor. Shaq as honorary mayor? Not unless he’ll stop calling us the Queens!

After the press conference we headed off to happy hour with our spouses, before attending the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber’s Latin Music Festival, where we ran into Linda!  We saw four unique performing groups, who each wowed the crowd with their singing and dancing. My favorite were the Aztec Dancers, mostly because we had them perform on Good Day Sacramento last Friday. Their costumes were amazing! 

Needless to say, we’re keeping busy at 3Fold– from rubbing shoulders with giants to promoting the Latin Music Festival… it’s all in a days work.


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