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Like so many others, professional wrestler Kurt Angle is going to test his skills in the octagon. He announced this week that he plans on fighting Mixed Martial Arts by the end of next year (2009). I can’t wait to see this. Before wasting a whole lot of time and talent with the sham that is professional wrestling he was a championship wrestler. Gold medal in fact. He claims he wants to just try out MMA and return to pro wrestling at some point.

“God-willing, I’ll walk away successful and I can come away from MMA saying ‘I did it’ and go back to my professional wrestling roots.”

what do you think Shaq?

I personally think it would be a shame if he started MMA just for kicks and then left to that dog and pony show that is TNA.

Fellow professional wrestler Brock Lesnar successfully made the transition to the octagon back in 2006 and I dont think he is going to return to the Pro ring. check this guy out.

He beat that guy in just over a minute. Pounded his face in. Incredible.

The growing popularity of mixed martial arts is opening up all sorts of new opportunities for college athletes that want to pursue sports on the next level. There are countless former college wrestlers in the MMA world now.

I personally find MMA to be one of the most exciting sports out there today. It’s not long an drawn out like boxing and has all the violence anyone could ask for. Watching 2 guys fighting until one gives up or is unconcious is something humans have been doing for centuries. It entertains the masses and takes incredible athletic talent which I can appreciate.

Lets Review

1.Kurt Angle needs to drop wrestling and do work in the octagon

2. Brock Lesnar stays winning

3.TNA stays losing

4. Watch the debate tonight, Play Palin Bingo, Vote


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