Kick, Push, Coast

Skateboarding has struggled for years to be accepted as a legitimate sport. It has a long history of being regarded as an activity for stoners and burnouts but this is hardly the case. Over the years the sport has grown and has moved on from running from security guards and draining back yard pools to massive events like the X Games.

Clicking around the internets (yeah I said Internets) I stumbled upon a video of Riley Hawk, 15 year old son of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Check this out.

What do you think Shaq?

When most dads were going out to play catch with their sons Riley’s was teaching him to drop in on a quarter pipe. This kid is unbelievable.
I guess when your dad is/was a giant in the sport you’re bound to be at least proficient at it.
Right Jeff?

For once it’s good to see the child of a celebrity doing it for him/herself. He has been skating for his fathers company for a while but it’s well deserved. This kid is out there at 15 skating at a level way beyond his age and he could very well be the future of skateboarding. Could he be bigger than his dad? I submit that he could be.
He’s out there tearing it up at age 15 just like his dad was but the sport was just at it’s infancy when Tony was at his age. Skateboarding has come so far since Tony started to ride. There are so many more opportunities for young skaters like Riley. I think that with his talent level and connections in the skateboarding industry Riley Hawk could be the future of the sport.

This brings up a pretty good question. What is the future of the sport? Will society ever fully accept skateboarding as a sport or is it destined to shown only once a year on ESPN 2 during the X games? The sport is always evolving. People are always coming up with bigger ramps, longer rails, and more flip tricks than a 13 year old Chinese gymnast (we all know how old they were, stop living a lie China) and with this constant evolution I think society will come to accept skateboarding.  I don’t see it being in the Olympics anytime soon but it will definitely become more common to see a group of kids skating to the park instead of running with their baseball gloves to the sand lot (Michael ‘Squints’ Palledorous what up).

Lets review
1.    Riley Hawk and Skateboarding stay winning
2.    Chinese put toddlers in the Olympics
3.    The Sandlot is probably one of the best movies ever made.


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