Wayne Brady might have to slap SHAQ’s B!$@#!!!

I guess you never know what to believe in these situations, but there has to be some truth behind this story, right? Like Kobe said back in the day, Shaq has dealt with this kind of stuff before, he just pays them off… I wonder if Kobe’s laughing a little inside? Like I said, who knows what side to believe, but it never looks good when you’re threatening to kill a girl because she doesn’t want your enormous sweaty face all over her. It’s completely wrong to say it, but it’s a completely more traceable thing to text it to someone. Apparently, (in this article) that’s what Mr. O’Neal is up to – first he gets his honorary Sheriff Badge revoked and now he’s getting charged with death threats via the old texter – tough summer for the Big Aristotle. On that note – what’s your least favorite (or favorite) Shaq nickname?Bryan Weimer writes for http://www.LuckyLester.com and has guest columns on a few other sites like FFToday – check it out.


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